How to prepare the house for the house cleaning arrival

A lots of customers ask us how to get prepared prior to start the cleaning job!

This a question can have several positive influences , mainly for those who are starting the cleaning service and don’t know how to get prepared.

First of all when we start in a house, we look forward to start in a place where we can follow a line, as top to bottom. ¬†As starting upstairs we’ll have on the bedroom for exemple in some houses a bed to made. When you thing of a bedding made. What’s the first thing that come out of your mind? The sheets, pillow cases, comforter? Yes exactly right we need the basic in having that room set up prior the start the dust, cleaning the floors and fresh mopping that space.


On first time  cleaning usually we get clutters spaces , disorganized places prior to start the cleaning . That will take us time to get things cleaning up first before start the whole process on house cleaning.